of the

Sepulveda Golf Club






The name of this organization shall be “Sepulveda Golf Club” referred to here as the “Club” or “SGC” (formerly known as “Sepulveda Men’s Golf Club”).





The purpose of the Club shall be: 

  1. To conduct golf and related activities for members of the Club. 
  2. To sponsor social activities for the enjoyment of the general membership. 
  3. To cooperate with the Department of Recreation and Parks for the betterment of public golf. 
  4. To affiliate with Southern California Golf Association (“SCGA”) and other organizations in the interests of the Club. 
  5. To enforce the USGA system of handicapping and to maintain USGA sanctioned handicap index numbers for members. 
  6. To assist the MGA in conducting City Championship competitions and participate in the affairs of the Golf Advisory Committee (GAC).
  7. Support golf related charities in the greater Los Angeles area 





SECTION 1.  Membership and Classes of Members.  The designations and qualifications of each class shall be as follows:


Sec.1.1.  Full Members.  Any person 18 years of age or over shall be eligible for membership in the Club.  Full Members are entitled to participate in Club activities and can serve on the Board of Directors.

Sec. 1.2.  Associate Members.  Associate Membership is a program designated by the SCGA and can be terminated at any time.  Associate Members can participate in selected Club activities and cannot serve on the Board of Directors.

Sec. 1.3.  Junior Members.  Any minor 17 years of age or younger shall be eligible for consideration for Junior Membership in the Club; however, eligibility for Junior Membership shall be determined by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.  The application shall be accompanied by dues and initiation fee. The Board of Directors shall establish dues and initiation fees separately for Junior Members.


SECTION 2Each member shall agree to observe the Rules of Golf, local course rules and SGC Club rules. Junior members shall observe customs of courtesy and safety at all times.  Only Full Members in good standing are entitled to participate in Club activities. Associate Members and Junior Members may participate in Club activities designated by the Board of Directors



Member Meetings


SECTION 1. Annual meeting.  There shall be no fewer than one Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Chapter, to be held at times and places to be determined by the Board of Directors, to hear reports concerning the conduct of the Chapter’s activities, financial status, and, when necessary, to elect directors and officers, and to conduct such other business as may properly come before the meeting. The Annual Meeting shall be held in October unless otherwise specified.


SECTION 2. Special meetings. A special meeting of the Members shall be held upon the call of Board of Directors or the written request signed by one-third of the voting Members, within 60 days of the call of the Board or receipt of such request by the Board of Directors and at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors. The call or request for the meeting shall state its purpose or purposes.


SECTION 3. Notice. The Board of Directors, or persons designated by the Board of Directors of the Chapter, shall notify all Members of the Annual Meeting and any special meetings by electronic means, sent to each member at the e-mail address of record, not more than sixty (60) days nor less than ten (10) days before the date of the meeting.


SECTION 4. Electronic Ballots.  Any action which may be taken by the vote of the Members at a meeting of the Members may be taken without a meeting if:


(a)        A ballot setting forth the proposed action is distributed to all Members entitled to vote with respect to the subject matter thereof pursuant to Section 5 hereof;

(b)        The number of votes cast by ballot equals or exceeds the quorum required to be present at a meeting authorizing the action;

(c)        The number of votes consenting to the proposed action equals or exceeds the number of votes required at a meeting to authorize the proposed action; and

(d)        The voting procedure is otherwise in compliance with Section 7513 of the California Corporations Code.


SECTION 5. Voting. Where a quorum is present or established, all issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of those participating in the meeting in which the vote takes place and of those votes submitted by proxy.



Board of Directors


SECTION 1.  Board of Directors.   The policy, business and affairs of the Club shall be conducted by the Board of Directors, which shall consist of up to fourteen elected members and the immediate past president.  The Board of Directors shall, at a minimum, be comprised of persons holding the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Handicap Chairperson.


SECTION 2.  Nomination and Election of Directors.


Sec. 2.1.  The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee, which will present a recommended slate of candidates for seats on the Board of Directors.  In addition, any Full Member in good standing can nominate a candidate, or themselves, to the slate of nominees. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for verifying the nominees are qualified, eligible and willing to seek the office for which they have been nominated.  Once the Nominating Committee agrees upon a slate of prospective board members that represent the Club, they will present it to the Board of Directors. It is possible that the Nominating Committee presents more than one nominee for a position.

Sec. 2.2.  The Board shall approve the slate, in whole or in part, or reject the slate. To the extent that the slate is rejected or only partially accepted, the Nominating Committee shall provide other nominees until the slate is fully accepted by the Board.

Sec. 2.3.  Following acceptance by the Board, the slate of nominees will be presented to the membership on the form and in such manner as approved by the Board.  Members may "write in" a candidate if they so choose.  Provided a quorum is satisfied the ballot shall be approved if a majority of the votes cast are in favor.  Results will be announced to the Membership within thirty (30) days of the date of the vote.


SECTION 3. Terms.


Sec. 3.1.  Directors shall be elected bi-annually on odd years for terms of two years. Terms of office begin on December 1st. 

Sec. 3.2.  In the event of a vacancy during the term of any Director, whether due to resignation, removal, disqualification, or death, the Board of Directors will determine, by vote, if a replacement is required and, if so, a replacement Director will be nominated and elected by the Board for the balance of the then current term.


SECTION 4.  The Board of Directors shall meet subject to the call of the President, or at the call of no less than one third of the members of the Board of Directors. Regular meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month unless the Board otherwise agrees. 


SECTION 5.  A member of the staff of the Department of Recreation and Parks shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and act in an advisory capacity. 



The Officers


SECTION 1.  The Executive Committee; Election of Officers.  The Executive Committee of the Club consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot by majority vote of the new Board of Directors at its first meeting. A candidate for the office of President must be an elected member of the new Board.


SECTION 2.  Duties of the Officers.

Sec. 2.1.  The President shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the Club and shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general membership. The President shall appoint an elected director to assume the duties of any absent elected officer at any meeting. 

Sec. 2.2.  The Vice President shall assist the President in all activities and shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or whenever designated by the President. 

Sec. 2.3.  The Secretary shall record the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, conduct correspondence of the Club and render periodic reports to the Board. 

Sec. 2.4.  The Treasurer shall handle all monies for the Club, maintain itemized accounts of all financial transactions of the Club and render periodic financial reports to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall disburse funds for authorized obligations and events as approved by the Board. In addition, the Treasurer shall honor “out of pocket” expenses of Directors and appointed assistants  for such items as supplies, reproduction, postage and communications. No vehicle or mileage costs are to be reimbursed unless authorized by the Board. The Treasurer is responsible for depositing all Club funds in financial institutions, which he shall judiciously select subject to the approval of the Board 


SECTION 3.  Terms of OfficeNo Director shall be President for more than one two-year term unless agreed by The Board. The President, upon completion of his term shall become, for the following term of his successor, a member of the Board of Directors, entitled to act and vote as such.





SECTION 1.  The presence of a majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board.


SECTION 2.  A quorum for any meeting of the general membership shall be those members present and eligible to vote. 


SECTION 3.  Electronic Participation. Any one or more Directors may participate in a meeting thereof by means of a conference telephone or similar communication equipment, allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other at the same time.



Governing Law


The Bylaws and the Club shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.





SECTION 1.  Proposed amendments to this Constitution & the By-Laws shall be presented in writing to the Board and are subject to their approval before they may be presented to the membership for acceptance.


SECTION 2.  This Constitution and the By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Full Members present at any membership meeting, provided notice of such amendment has appeared in the preceding issue of the Club publication and/or are disseminated electronically to the membership at least ten days prior to the meeting.


SECTION 3.  If the Board deems it appropriate, a special meeting of the general membership may be called to consider and vote on amendments to this Constitution or the By-Laws.

 Sepulveda Men’s Golf Club BY-LAWS 




SECTION 1.  Dues.

Sec. 1.1.  The initiation fee for all new and renewing members shall be set by the Board of Directors. 

Sec. 1.2.  The annual membership dues shall be valid for one calendar year from the date joined or as amended by the SCGA. 

Sec. 1.3.  Past presidents are entitled to life membership, dues free. 


SECTION 2.  Committees.

Sec. 2.1.  The committees are as follows and are established for the specific purposes mentioned:

a. Membership Committee, whose duties are to conduct campaigns for membership, to promote such membership activities as may be directed by the Board and to handle all membership issues.

b. Nominating Committee, as defined in Article IV, Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of the Club Constitution, shall seek out prospective nominees from the general membership and present them at the election meeting.

c. Tournament Committee, whose duties are to program, schedule, manage, conduct and score Club competitions. This is the “Committee in charge of the Competition” as referenced in the Rules of Golf.

d. Handicap Committee whose duties are to revise handicap indexes whenever (1) scoring infractions occur or (2) a member’s handicap index number is not representative of his golf potential in relation to other Club members. The Committee will also respond to requests by members for handicap index adjustments, guidance and information.

e. Greens and Rules Committee, whose duties are to recommend improvements to the Sepulveda golf courses and to educate the membership on golf course care and preservation. The committee shall sponsor membership education on the Rules of Golf and hear and finally resolve rules disputes remaining after the tournament committee makes rulings in competitions.

f. Entertainment and Program Committee, whose duties are to create, promote and conduct special activities. It shall be in charge of such social events as approved by the Board of Directors and also provide entertainment for membership meetings as the occasion arises.

g. Grievance Committee, which shall investigate disputes arising within the Club and effectuate resolution of the disputes. The Board may delegate decision making authority to the committee with regard to any dispute so long as any party aggrieved by the decision has the opportunity to request and receive a review of the decision by the full Board. In conducting its affairs, the Grievance Committee shall offer a full in-person hearing to any member involved in the proceedings before it and shall otherwise conduct its work in a manner consistent with principles of due process. The committee shall investigate and advise the Board on matters of expulsion or discipline of members of the Club.

Sec. 2.2Other Committees: (a)  Ad hoc committees may be formed and retired as necessary by the President.



SECTION 3.  Expulsion and Discipline of Members

Sec. 3.1.  No member of the Club shall be expelled except for failure to comply with the Constitution and rules of the Club, or for conduct tending to bring discredit to the Club or the game of golf. If the subject member promptly requests a full hearing before the Grievance Committee, he may not be expelled until after that hearing is held. If the Board votes for expulsion, the president shall call a special membership meeting for the members to vote for or against expulsion. Written notice must be sent to the subject by electronic mail, certified or registered mail at his last known address, by personal delivery or otherwise given in a manner calculated to reach him, not less than ten days before the meeting. Expulsion takes a majority vote. 

Sec. 3.2.  For conduct violating the standards set forth in Section 4.1 that is deemed insufficient to warrant expulsion from the Club, the Board may impose discipline upon a member short of expulsion. Proceedings to impose such discipline shall be initiated by the Board, either by referral to the Grievance Committee or pursuant to the recommendation of the Grievance Committee. In either case, no discipline shall be imposed upon a member until after the member has had the opportunity to request, and promptly requests, a full hearing before the Grievance Committee, which committee shall present its findings and recommendations to the Board for its consideration and vote. 


SECTION 4.  Impeachment of Officers and Directors

Sec. 4.1.  No officer or Board member of the Club may be removed from office until he has had the opportunity to request, and promptly requests, a full hearing before the Board. If the Board deems good cause exists for removal, the matter shall be put to a vote of the general membership. Ten days written notice shall be given the officer or director and the membership of the time and place of the meeting in a manner designed to reach as many members as possible. Removal takes a majority vote.

Sec. 4.2.  Any Board Member who habitually misses Board meetings without cause is subject to dismissal on a majority vote of the Board.


SECTION 5.  Rules of Order.  A current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for the conduct of business of the Club subject to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club. A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the President. 


SECTION 6Finances

Sec. 6.1.  Neither the Board of Directors nor any other Club representative shall have power to enter into any obligation involving payment or expenditure of any monies of the Club in excess of the cash balance in the Club treasury at the time of the action. 

Sec. 6.2.  The Club may bond the Treasurer in any amount not less than two thousand dollars ($2,000) and may bond the Tournament Chairmen, Membership Chairman or any other member of the Club handling the funds of the Club in such amount as may be decided by the Board of Directors. 


SECTION 7.  Amendments

Sec. 7.1.  Proposed amendments to these By-Laws and/or the Club Constitution must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors and are subject to their approval before they may be presented to the general membership for acceptance.

Sec. 7.2.  These By-Laws and/or the Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any Annual or Special Meeting, provided the details of such amendment is provided by electronic means at least ten days prior to the meeting. 


SECTION 8.  Non-Profit.  This Club is hereby declared to be a non- profit organization and shall not distribute gains, profits or dividends to its members or officers.


SECTION 9.  Operations Manual.  The Executive Committee shall maintain an Operations Manual and keep it current. The Operations Manual shall contain current versions of the Constitution and these By-Laws, Club rules and other details regarding the operations of the Club. The Operations Manual shall be distributed to each Board member for use during his term of office.